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The Source Weekly's Election Cheat Sheet

The Source Weekly's Election Cheat Sheet



Our November Endorsements Reprised

For President: Barack Obama
For U.S. Senate: Jeff Merkley

For State Treasurer: Ben Westlund
For Secretary of State: Kate Brown
For Attorney General: John Kroger
For State Senate District 27: Maren Lundgren
For House District 53: Conrad Ruel
For House District 54: Judy Stiegler

Deschutes County Commission: Alan Unger

City Council
Position 1: Peter Gramlich
Position 2: Jodie Barram
Position 3: Linda Johnson
Position 4: Jim Clinton

State Measures
Yes: Measure 54: Rescind outdated voter age requirement law
Yes: Measure 55: Delay redistricting implementation
Yes: Measure 56: Repeal Oregon's double majority law
No: Measure 57: Mandatory minimums for drug and property crimes
No: Measure 58: Require English only instruction
No: Measure 59: Unlimited income tax deduction for top earners
No: Measure 60: Abolish tenure rules for teachers
No: Measure 61: More minimum sentences for drug and property crimes
No: Measure 62: Redirect lottery funds to public safety programs
No: Measure 63: Exempt some construction projects from building permit requirements
No: Measure 64: Prohibit unions from colleting pay roll dues
No: Measure 65: Do away with party primaries and create a run-off system

Local Tax Measures
Yes: Measure 9-58: COCC Construction Bond
Yes: Measure 9-60: Bend Area Transit District Funding
Yes: Measure 9-61: Increase County Room Tax Rates

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