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The Summer Concert Scrooges



I am writing because I was down at the Old Mill this past weekend during the concerts, and was shocked and upset at how patrolled that area has become on concert nights.

What used to be a fun community event - the Les Schwab Concert Series - has become very unfriendly to pedestrians, cyclists, and those passing by. The promoters of the show have decided that people walking by might hear the music - and so now the foot bridge is policed, the sidewalks are patrolled, and 1/4 mile back on the dirt-nature part of the area are as well.

Anyone who isn't a ticket-holding patron who stops longer than 30 seconds is told to move along, and move on. And, quite aggressively I might add.

What a sad state of affairs! These concerts used to be good for our town - they brought people together, they were fun, they were a place where high
school kids could hang out and be out of trouble, etc. We need that!

Now - they embody the separation between the haves and have-nots, and the sense of fun and community they once brought to town is gone.

Obviously most people would like to buy a ticket and enter the show - seeing a band is superior in all ways. But not everyone can afford tickets (at $40 a show!?!), and now those who can't are on the proverbial other side of the line - and asked to leave.

I know the promoters buy advertisements with the Source. Still, after watching many a Bendite be ushered along (even those with kids, playing in the sand courts) I'll have to say the change is unfavorable to our community and deserves the BOOT!

Thanks for considering,

- Tamara Houston

Speaking of The Boot

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