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The Torture Never Stops: Silent Hill: Revelation is a bummer representative for Halloween

Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington star in the 3D film Silent Hill: Revelation.



Silent Hill: Revelation has earned a seat at the worst movie of 2012 competition. This movie, like its predecessor, is based on the Silent Hill video games and may now join the ranks of videogame to big screen failures.

Taking over where the first Silent Hill left off, this new addition follows Dad (Sean Bean) and his daughter (Adelaide Clemens) in their plight to stay clear of the Silent Hill monsters. It’s all based on some sort of ridiculous medieval sacrifice to the gods in a coal-mining underworld.


At least in the first one they drove to Silent Hill. In this movie, the action happens between dream sequences with no plot coherence, as people get transported to the underground world of squiggling faceless demons all wrapped up in cellophane.


The beginning nightmare dream sequence revealing a sadistic “circus of the damned” is great, reminding me that a superb opening scene usually means the kiss of death for the rest of the movie. Here SHR spirals to a fiery grave faster then you can say Hades.

Immediately, and I mean nanosecond-fast, we get super bad dialogue, so predictable I felt clairvoyant.

Amidst the chatter between father and daughter is the discussion of moving around a lot and changing names, new town/new school BS. Dishing up interchanges that are spasm-inducing, SHR stays wretched and mindlessly imbecilic. But even after a ton of outrageous chatter, no explanation gets offered up as to why we should care about any of these characters or anything that happens to them.

There are a few cool things. The arty and evil special effects, along with plenty of gore and nudity, among them. There’s a nice slaughterhouse/greasy spoon scene. The Spider-mannequin-thing was awesome. The plethora of faceless creeps with meaty stitched up scars oozing blood or squished-headed demons with bloody-gash faces and snarling teeth were cool. The thing with the triangle head and big knife/axe is back to carve up some flesh. But the best things by far were the faceless-stabbing-slashing-nurses, with high heels and cleavage that are sound-activated into a savage butchering frenzy, hacking and chopping anything in their path.

Still, the torture of this movie is suffering through the dialogue and inane plot. This movie is a lost cause, going from horror film to soap opera guessing game. Near the end the night police wear gas masks believing the darkness will corrupt and poison them. Darkness would only help this movie.

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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

1 Star

Starring Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington, Sean Bean, Deborah Kara Unger, Martin Donovan, Malcolm McDowell,
Carrie-Anne Moss

Directed/ written by Michael J. Bassett

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