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The Traveling Camera: Antigua

Christian Heeb, Cascade Center of Photography, Bend



Christian Heeb is a travelling photographer based in Bend. We'll have one of his photos posted each week hereon Bent. He and his wife, Regula, are the founders of the Cascades Center of Photography, a workshop center, gallery and studio here in Bend.

The island of Antigua is known for its many pristine white sand beaches.

The Caribbean is one of my vaforite winter escapes and I always try to get assignments to the islands so I can beat the winter blues.

Most travel photographers tend to favor early morning light or the soft late evening light. That is usually a good photo time but on the beach I prefere the harsch light of the day. I still avoid the time around noon when the sun burns down hard for photographing people and landscapes. To capture that awesome color of the water you have to have the strong daylight. Early morning the sun is to weak to really bring out the color.

This scene of Susan and the innkeepers daughter was shot around 1 p.m. You can use a flash to light up the shadows in the models face. Here I did not need to because the water had enough reflextion to do that. A polarizer filter further enhances color and contrast.

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