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The Traveling Camera: Australia

Christian Heeb's photo of Ayers Rock in Australia.



Australia is a great travel destination. One of those iconic countries you just have to see.
The place is the size of the continental US with only 18 million people or so. Down Under is a place to lose yourself in empty space. We spent six month driving through this awesome place and finally arrived at Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock) in the heart of the country.

Talk about one of the most iconic locations on the planet! This red rock monolith sticks out. It stands out in the nothingness of the central desert like the backbone of a dinosaur. No wonder this place is sacred for the local Aborigine people.

For this shot, I purposely chose only part of the the Rock and made sure I could see the Olgas in the back. This will further dramatize the size of Uluru. To make it work I lucked out with a dramatic sky and some colored clouds.

The image was shot on Fuji Velvia and a Nikon Camera from a tripod. Recently during a makeover session of my files, I blended the electric storm in to create a new image for my worldwide stock offerings.
Still, there is no way of getting the experience of seeing that gorgeous otherworldly rock across in a photo.

Here are some more photos from Christian's trip to Australia.

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