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The Traveling Camera: Colombia

Christian Heeb shares photos from his time in Colombia.



We spent some time in Colombia's Amazon Basin in December shooting for our upcoming book on Colombia. The area where Brazil, Peru and Colombia meet has some interesting native villages that are open to visitors.

After spending a long day at one local village with many great encounters and talks we were heading back to our canoe. A late afternoon thunderstorm was approaching fast and we were eager to head back to town. As I walked down the slope to the river, I spotted two women sitting on the water’s edge. One of them was swimming in the water and the other was holding a sleeping baby in her arms.

Instinctively, I lifted my camera with my large 80-to-400mm lens and pointed in her direction, asking for permission to shoot. She gave me the heads up and I shot a few frames with her looking into the lens. I knew I wanted the image with her being unaware of my presence, so I stopped shooting and started moving on. She relaxed and fell back into her content state of being there with her baby. I quickly shot another frame and captured the image I was looking for.

Here are some more photos from the trip.

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