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The Traveling Camera: Mexico

Christian Heeb's tips for shooting with a sunset.



Every year it’s the same story in Bend. People complain about the cold. Spring never really arrives and then “boom”… it’s summer. So I tend to get out and go shoot in a warm place. Baja California Sur always does the trick. This image was done last May while scouting for a photo workshop that I do with fellow professional photographers Davis Cobb and Sean Bagshaw this November.

For this image I made my wife jump into a Kayak before sunset and paddle out into the Sea of Cortez. I followed behind in my boat with a SLR and a 18-200mm zoom lens and a flash. The moment the sun came up, I put myself between my model and the horizon and shot several images with different exposures. My flash filled in the dark areas that the sensor cannot handle. It’s just too much contrast. Sunrises and sunsets provide great opportunities for flash photography.

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