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The Traveling Camera: No Return Wilderness

Christian Heeb shoots from the Nez Perce Pass on the Idaho-Montana border.



This is probably not the road you want to drive with your mini van. The Nez Perce Pass from Idaho into Montana cuts through some serious wilderness and some jaw-dropping scenery.

The road sometimes is just a rugged Jeep trail with impossible steep grades and the fellows from the highway department who cleared it this spring were minimalistic in their work. While cutting the trees that fell over the road, they cut out little passageways that made it very hard to squeeze through in our Ford F250.

After a 10-hour drive, we camped at Poet Creek, rewarded us with some beautiful pictures. Here a shoot looking into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. I put myself in to show the scale and to add human content to the image. I also used a circular polarizer to enhance the colors.

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