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The Traveling Camera: Playing Cowboy at the Wilson Ranches Retreat



We had the pleasure to photograph senior photos of Marina Anglin at the Wilson Ranches Retreat near Fossil, Oregon.


 Before doing a formal session near the house we wanted to get some photos of her in action. Of course we hit the trail having some fun riding into the nearby hills. Tecumseh, my horse named after the famous Shawnee chief was such a pleasant well responding "person' that I could get photos without worrying much. I would stand in the saddle or sit sideways while getting the right shots. Of course a horse is a horse and I was always ready to jump in case he would suddenly spot the 'perfect' grass.

Now shooting from the saddle is never easy. Usually I bring one camera with a 18-200mm zoom lens. I keep it in a bag in front of me. I also bring a polarizer filter and a flash and that's pretty much it. This time I brought two cameras and two zoom lenses with apertures of 2.8 as well as a flash to have better image quality. There was a lot of riding with one hand involved and I would jump up and down from the horse to get shots at different angles.

Photography for me is all about the light and to stay in motion and in the groove.

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