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The Week-nighter 7/28-7/31


The hits just keep on coming. More great live music this week #inBend. 
Monday 28:
Shrouds & Shadows
COVER BANDS—It’s just another manic Monday, but the dark Brit-rock sounds of Joy Division (Dead Souls), Siouxsie & the Banshees (Spellbound) and Sisters of Mercy (Reptile House) bring the catharsis with their gothic ’80s lullabies. Pretend you never left your moody teenage years (or your bedroom). Paint your nails black, dig out your leather jacket and commence the slow-mo thrashing. 8 pm. Volcanic Theatre Pub 70 SW Century Dr. $5.

Tuesday 29: 
Geek's Dream: Trivia all night
GEEK'S DREAM—Tuesday (for no particular reason except that the day and the activity start with the same letter) has been declared Bend's trivia epicenter. Three fun drinking trivia options at The Lot (6 pm), Astro Lounge (8 pm) and Platypus Pub's Geeks Who Drink (8 pm) offer up rotating hosts and challenging categories from comic books to horticulture. Go up against members of the Source staff. Free, but tip your bartender. The Lot 745 NW Columbia St and Platypus Pub, 1203 NE 3rd St.

Moon Mountain Ramblers
7 pm.GoodLife Brewing 70 SW Columbia Dr. Free. 

Lou Shields
With a handmade "shit-tar" in an open G tuning, Lou Shields takes the slide blues to a whole new level of DIY. Shields has a Daniel Johnston charm and simplicity to his music in addition to playing a mean tinny string and a screaming harmonica. 9 pm. Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Dr. $5.

Wednesday 30: 

Pickin' & Paddlin' ft. Polecat
AMERICANA—With Polecat, the musical sum is far greater than its parts, as the quintet patches together rock guitar chords, Celtic fiddle playing, and twangy crooning. Ideal for outdoor venues, the band brims with enthusiasm—this is music for howling at the moon. Part of Pickin’ & Paddlin’; free demos. $5 pm. Tumalo Creek & Kayak 805 SW Industrial Way, Ste. 6.

Wanz at Alive After 5
HIP-HOP—Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis have proved to be a steady and rising star to hitch one’s wagon to. In addition to providing a platform for previously unknown singer Mary Lambert with the “Same Love” hook, the group has helped shine a light on longtime hip-hop musician Wanz, who sings the hook for “Thrift Shop.” Wanz, whose smooth voice resembles Nate Dogg’s and has performed with the groups The Ghetto Monks and Life Ring, is moving on up with his first solo EP out this summer. Yeah, he's the dude in the awesome suit below. 5 pm. Old Mill District 520 SW Powerhouse Dr. Free.

Pat Benatar
ICON—"Hit Me with Your Best Shot," "Love Is a Battlefield," "We Belong" and "Invincible"—enough said, really. The queen of the power ballad might be on the fairground circuit, but that doesn't mean her songs have lost any of their punch nor has her voice lost any of its signature fire from her '80s glory days. Tickets available at any Central Oregon McDonalds. Fair admission not included. 7 pm. Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center 3800 SW Airport Way. 

Josh Turner
COUNTRY—If we were crude, we’d call this country crooner a panty-dropper. Instead, let’s just say that his rich, bass vocals and handsome mug have a way of raising the hairs on the back of your neck. When the Nashville-born singer tells you “Everything is Fine,” you’re inclined to believe him. Free with ticket available at McDonalds. 7 pm. Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center 3800 SW Airport Way.  Ballyhoo w/ Bumpin Uglies, Necktie Killer, & Vital Rhythm
REGGAE—With songs like “White Boy Reggae,” (hey, at least they admit it) and “Hallucinations,” Bumpin Uglies is a SoCal dream, a summertime piña colada of Sublime and sunshine. Ballyhoo! has an exclamation point in its name, so there’s that. Necktie Killer opens. 8 pm. Volcanic Theatre Pub 70 SW Century Dr. $10 adv / $13 presage.

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