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The Worst Movies of 2010

Our take on the biggest film flops of 2010.


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The list can go on and on. Considering the onslaught of duds there really wasn't a lot of flicks vying for best movie category this year, which is why I compiled a list of the ten films I just absolutely hated.

1. Babies

Goo-goo dada. This is just a garbled batch of poorly made home movies in which only cuteness is documented. One can only take so much crying, peeing, grinning and crawling no matter what country they're from. For those of you smitten by babies, cuddle onward. But if you are one who is immune to the charms of, or perhaps even afraid of, babies - avoid this at all costs.

2. Legion

Prophecy in a diner. The acting is atrocious, it's the worst script imaginable, the demonic angels are ridiculous and it's predictable beyond redemption and every stereotypical thing that could happen, happens. And Dennis Quaid is worse than other words I took a bullet for the team when I sat through this one.

3. Knight and Day

Cruise and Diaz's star power dwindles as they flash their pearly whites, giggle and act supremely stupid in this lame action-less dud.

4. Prince of Persia

Focused on a "magical" dagger, this flick is the true weapon of mass deception.

5. My Soul to Take

More horror schlock from Wes Craven. No reason for the script. No reason to film it. No reason for 3D. No reason for me to voluntarily devote two hours to this, and I'd really like those two hours back.

6. The Karate Kid

Overly cute remake, plus there's no damn karate - it's all kung fu!

7. The Last Airbender

M. Night Shyamalan shouldn't be allowed to borrow against his Sixth Sense success ever again. The director has cashed in the few remaining chips he had left with this pile of crap.

8. The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans.

Anyone praising Nick Cage's "frenetically charged comeback" is either wishfully thinking or delusional. This is one of the most irritating flicks thanks to Cage's eye-bugging "watch-what-I-came-up-with-for-this-character" acting. Abel Ferrara had every right to slam Herzog for this.

9. Inception

Why anyone would think this movie is smart, intriguing or, in some cases, brilliant is beyond me. Listen, if I have a dream infiltrated it's gonna have a lot more cool surreal things like zombies, strippers, scary monsters, nonsensical dialogue with witty repartee, colorful lizard demons and morphing weapons. The only intrigue in this movie was how long it took for that damn van to drop off that bridge. This one put me to sleep. Gimme a break.

10. Salt

This Angelina Jolie vehicle incorporated all things espionage and lame. Generic to the hilt, bullets flew, people got shot, shit blew up. Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie jumped off overpasses and bounced off semi trucks. I figure I have seen this movie either seven or 750 times, I can't remember and am way past caring.


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