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There's No I in Team, But There is ME



In the world of sports, there are records that shouldn’t be broken. Well, last night in the small town of Grinnell, Iowa, Jack Taylor broke a seemingly impossible one. The sophomore guard scored a mind-boggling 138 points during the Division III Grinnell College basketball game against Faith Baptist Bible to break the all-NCAA point scoring record. No, he wasn’t playing a video game when his feat came to reality; he flat out shot the ball like a madman. He made 52-of-108 shots from the floor, including 27-of-71 attempts from 3-point land and also made 7-of-10 free throws. He broke the previous mark of 113 points set by Bevo Francis of Division II Rio Grande in 1954. The question I have to ask, was there any defense? The final score of the game was 179-104. As Taylor said in an interview on Sportscenter last night, “A lot of people are saying it wasn’t the most team-oriented thing to do…but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the encouragement and support from my teammates.”

Here's the interview from Good Morning America:

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