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This Week's Non-Sequitur

Hey, I was wondering why all the news about what is happening outside of Bend when we, as individuals, have no control over what is



Hey, I was wondering why all the news about what is happening outside of Bend when we, as individuals, have no control over what is happening 7,000 miles away? So many opinions about what is happening with the torturings and to what point? If anything talk about the issues closer to home like the problems here in Bend! Talk about them for a few seconds BUT do something about them and make a difference. I have met so many thousands of people who always whine about what is happening overseas instead of doing something here in town to make a difference. My question is this "can you make a difference with what is happening overseas? Most likely "NO." However can you make a difference here in town? The odds are far greater to your favor here in Bend. There are scores of problems here in Bend that need serious attention and watching TV about Obama, the war in Iraq, the torturing issues, the silly media hype on anything overseas.

It is 2009 a time of serious change and 2012 is right around the corner so what happened to Karma? Are we not all going to give our attention to those who really need it here in Bend? Here is the old saying, "Build a great YOU and others will want to be like YOU!" So many people work 75% on themselves then think they can help others achieve greatness yet they are incomplete. There are thousands upon thousands of cities and towns across the USA that have this disease where a small percentage of the city thrives and the rest rots. Hmmm, there is a very telling message here-don't you think?

Funny how so many people think that going to church once per week will remove their sins and yet they continue to sin throughout the week thinking "It's all good!" I am astonished that so many people drive around in a dazed state not from drugs, medication or alcohol but from lack of long-term vision.

The opportunity for making this town a great place to live is there for the taking but we all know that without the support and drive from the residents it's all moot. Someone should make a movie of this town and show the unsavory side of Bend to wake up those who feel this town is hunky dory!


Big Boy

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