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To All The Mechanics I've Loved Before


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I was gonna get a card... However due to the random act of kindness recently bestowed upon me, I believe a letter to be more appropriate.

I am a single mother living in Bend and my son and I love being part of this beautiful community. We have recently gone through a huge transition in our lives and - do I even need to say it? - money is tight. That being said, I must also tell you that I am the proud owner of a Volkswagen Vanagon - not exactly the best car to own if you're broke. Don't get me wrong; I love my bus. It's my dream car when it's running, which really isn't all that often. This comes as no surprise to most of you, I'm sure.

Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working with several of Bend's finest VW mechanics, and I have been treated so kindly. I feel so blessed to have met so many cool people through all of my bus bloopers. So lets move on to the thank yous:

If it weren't for Aaron and Jill at Z-Autowerks I would probably be writing this letter to the Auto Trader in attempts to part with my dream vehicle. Also, if not for the aforementioned, my lovely bus may never have ended up in the magical transmission making hands of Bend's own German Trans-Axle.

Now I can't really elaborate on what these guys did for me, but know this: If it weren't for Ken and the boys at German Trans-Axle I would be well up s**t creek without my "dub." These guys are the best. They ship their work out all over the world because they are so good at what they do. They are super down-to-earth, hardworking, and busy - never too busy however, to help this little local gal get her dream back on the road and in tip-top shape. So bottoms up Bend, Ore., to German Trans-Axle, Z-Autowerks and all the other bad a** mechanics that help keep Central Oregon truckin'.

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