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To Joplin With Love

Concerned Bend citizens help Joplin residents after a devastating tornado.


Two weeks ago, after a devastating tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri, a concerned group of Bend citizens with ties to the affected area approached the Common Table with the idea of a Joplin Relief Dinner. Josh Hart, a local do-gooder, provided inspiration through his work in the disaster zone. The Common Table team was activated, donations for the event were solicited, and within a matter of days, local musicians, professional chefs, and a host of volunteers had come forward to assist with the charity event. Despite the inclement weather, over 100 citizens of Central Oregon were served a fantastic meal, including top-notch entertainment. A resulting $2,500 was netted for the people of Joplin. My thanks go out to all of the folks that showed up and also to the wonderful people that made the event possible. Donations for Joplin continue to be accepted at the Common Table.


Dan Heater, Bend Resident
and Joplin Native

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