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Top 20 Movies of 2019

Another excellent year... with too many good movies to choose just 10



I just can't do a top 10. There are too many good movies. The year 2019 started off slow with some hot garbage (looking at you "Beach Bum"), but by mid-year we had some genuine greats building up. So, because it's that time of the year to be a glutton, here's my Top 20 of 2019.

20) Joker: It's not a perfect movie and the style rips off "King of Comedy" and "Taxi Driver" a little too freely, but Joaquin Phoenix is so remarkable that this is definitely more than the sum of its parts.

Movies movies, everywhere. - PHOTO COURTESY IMDB
  • Photo courtesy IMDB
  • Movies movies, everywhere.

19) Klaus: The best animated Christmas movie since "The Nightmare Before Christmas." This is a new yearly classic at my house.

18) Ford v. Ferrari: This is just a good old-fashioned Hollywood flick that feels pulled from a bygone time. Expertly crafted.

17) John Wick 3: Still the most fun I've had in a movie theater all year. The chase that goes from foot to horse to motorcycle is one of the best ever put on film.

16) Toy Story 4: Shut up, you're crying! I never thought we needed another one of these after "Toy Story 3," but now I can't imagine the franchise without it.

15) The Man Who Killed Don Quixote: This took the master Terry Gilliam two decades to bring to the screen and it was worth the wait. Adam Driver gives a flawless comedic performance.

14) High Flying Bird: Steven Soderbergh effortlessly brings to Netflix the best basketball movie since "He Got Game." It's basically "Ballers" without the d-bags.

13) Wounds: Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson star in this slow-burn horror flick that invaded my dreams and won't go away. Genuinely scary with a terrifying final image.

12) Knives Out: What else can be said about this super fun murder party that reminds us why we liked "Clue" so much in the first place?!

11) The Standoff at Sparrow Creek: This thriller pinned me to my seat for its entire running time. "The Usual Suspects" meets "Reservoir Dogs." What could go wrong?

10) Booksmart: The most effortlessly charming movie of the year sets up a very promising filmmaking career for Olivia Wilde. Such a heart warmer.

9) The Irishman: Yeah, Joe Pesci, DeNiro and Pacino are pretty perfect, but it's Scorsese's craft as a filmmaker that makes this elegiac masterpiece truly sing.

8) High Life: Claire Denis makes a movie about felons in space trying to capture energy from a black hole and somehow it's the most emotionally devastating film of the year.

7) The Lighthouse: I will never get tired of watching Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson fight each other in black and white while they very quickly lose their minds. This movie speaks to me.

6) Parasite: A scalding-hot take on class disparity in South Korea that's also hilariously ridiculous at the same time. An all-timer.

5) Midsommar: Once you finish watching this movie you feel like you lived those terrifying days with those poor college dummies. Rocked me to my core.

4) Avengers: Endgame: As a culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, this movie made me cry, cheer and throw my hands in the air...sometimes over the course of a single scene.

3) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Half the movie is Brad and Leo just driving around L.A., and I would seriously watch another three hours of it.

2) Jojo Rabbit: I was ready to hate this movie and instead it crushed my and built me back up again before the final credits rolled. This movie is my whole heart.

1) Under the Silver Lake: Yes, I am a weird man, but this movie reminded me why I love cinema in the first place. Big, messy and existential, what at first appears to be a goofy mystery ends up being a savage deconstruction of toxic and frail male masculinity. A classic.

Worst Movie of the year: I hated "Beach Bum" so much I think I want to buy every copy I see of it and throw them into a succession of active volcanoes.

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