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Top 5 Moments at Tin Pan



Don't trust me. I'm biased. I work a lot of shifts at Tin Pan Theater, and help program the movies we show. But heck, with that said, here are my top five favorite moments this year at Tin Pan Theater.

5. Spaghetti Western Wednesdays: There's no substitute for watching people eat spaghetti while laughing. Sometimes the movies are excellent, some are terrible.

4. Children's Birthday Parties: Favorite might be a relative term here. We had a children's birthday party where the kids had pizza. Some kids didn't like the pepperoni, so they stuck pieces of pepperoni to the wall in the shape of faces. Cleaning wasn't fun, but the pizza faces were.

3. Audience reactions: Sometimes people were pissed (Under the Skin, Scarlett Johansson as a man-killer), sometimes dead quiet (Citizen Four, the documentary about Edward Snowden), sometimes cheering (Snowpiercer, a post-apocalyptic adventure); any way, watching people moved by film is almost holy for me.

2. BendFilm: 36 hours of work over three days, hundreds of people, brilliant filmmakers, tacos from Spork, dozens of movies, falling asleep with my face against a moniter. Ahhhhh, I love you BendFilm.

1. The entire month of October: The library showed The Shining and Beetlejuice. We screened our own Max Reisfar's '70's throwback horror film, Acolyte of the Blood God. I programmed a sleepover where a select group of the daring locked themselves in our super haunted theater with me and watched horror movies from 10 pm to 7 am. We had a wedding on Halloween. It was a spooky month and we loved every minute of it.

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