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Top Five Movies of the Year

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Top Five Movies (Narrative)

By Tin Pan Theater

1. Short Term 12 We laughed, cried and rejoiced with the characters in this film. It was the only movie of the year where the closing credits made us feel like we were saying goodbye to family. 

2. Before Midnight The most realistic film about long term relationships ever made. This one will put blisters on your heart.

3. Upstream Color Looking for the best movie about a hypnotic ancient organism's life cycle? This is it!

4. Frances Ha! This hilarious, loose and flaky, but endearing comedy depicts what it's like to wander through life with only your panic to guide you.

5. Crystal Fairy A relatable road trip movie that's more about finding solidarity in strangers than about destinations.

Top Five Movies (Documentaries)

By Tin Pan Theater

1. These Birds Walk A visual poem about Middle Eastern orphans that will make your tears have tears.

2. The Act of Killing The best film you'll never want to see again, but see it once—you must!

3. Bending Steel A better-than-fiction account of a man's journey to beat his white whale. (Played at BendFilm Festival.)

4. Leviathan This spellbinding look at a fishing vessel is depicted through camera work that defies all filmmaking conventions.

5. After Tiller A powerful examination of a hot-button issue with no easy answers.

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