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Top Five Ways Bend Stayed Exactly the Same This Year

Also, our top five tweets and reader comments


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1. Mirror Pond (more or less)

2. Still sucky public transportation

3. The housing frenzy returns (with potential buyers routinely bidding over asking price, apparently not heeding lessons from the housing bust)

4. Highest per capita ski movies and breweries

5. Puffy coats are still trendy

Top Five @sourceweekly Tweets of 2013

Five things that happened to us this year in under 140-characters.

1. What's the best way to catch a loose bird? We have another one flying around our office.

2. Overheard in our office: "I tow my Subaru behind my Toyota Tacoma."

3. Today in the office, the Source discovers the definition of Bend on Urban Dictionary. (If you're wondering, here it is: "A shallow, jobless, culturally bereft town in the middle of Oregon that likes to think of itself as otherwise. Most of its citizens are obsessed with the personal images associated with "organic," "active," "outdoors," and especially "local", which is ironic because most of them aren't from around here. In truth, most Bendites are a bunch of delusional, isolationist yuppies who have no concept of themselves or of the real world around them thanks to the veneer of bullshit with which they surround themselves.")

4. Later tonight: the noise ordinance. You can tell 'cause of all the big scruffy beards in the audience.

5. TIE: And old people don't like all the population growth. Surprise. AND How do you get a crowd of 50 somethings in Bend to instantly like you if you're a band they've never heard? Play a Steve Miller cover.

Top Five DJ Hurricane Comments

By the Source's biggest fan: DJ Hurricane (Thanks for reading, and commenting, A LOT.)

1. In reply to the Cycleboat: "Nnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!"

2. In reply to Party at the NSA: "President Obama says his number one priority is to protect the American people from The Terrorists. I wish his number one priority would be what his oath of office says it should be: Uphold the Constitution. That would include our Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights.

And if this NSA surveillance is not necessary for preventing terrorist attacks, then how come we had the Boston Marathon bombing? If you're listening to all our communications, how come you can't prevent two idiots from blowing up bombs in public? We should demand that they prevent ALL terrorist attacks since they have access to ALL communications. And if they don't, they should be FIRED and re-assigned to the IRS in Nebraska."

3. In reply to VIDEO: Oregon Enduro in Bend: "NASCAR in spandex."

4. In reply to our Polly Shore interview: "I hope that 8 minutes of juvenile, sexist crap isn't the best of whatever the Weez's got left. But it probably is."

5. In reply to Oregonian Cuts Home Delivery To Four Days a Week: "The Oregonian has been out of touch with reality for a while now. I'm not talking about the reality of the state of print media, but the reality of Oregon. Far too conservative in their editorializing and far too corporate-agenda driven in their reporting. And I won't even mention them protecting Neil Goldschmidt."

Bonus: DJ Hurricane's unofficial submission to our Fall Fiction competition: "My submission: "I wasn't sure how, and when, to tell him that his poetry was bad. I mean, really terrible. So I just said, 'Your poetry sucks!' The end."


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