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Totally Worth It

The artists you might not know, but need to see at the 2019 Sisters Folk Festival



It's that time of the year again: the Sisters Folk Festival is back and ready to deliver a heaping amount of music. With such a great lineup that spreads across the town of Sisters, it can be hard to properly divvy up your time, and you might miss something that would have been worth knowing about. But don't fret (guitar pun intended), the Source can help you out.

This photo looks just like what a Kacy & Clayton song sounds like, all flowery and stuff. - MATT DUNLAP
  • Matt Dunlap
  • This photo looks just like what a Kacy & Clayton song sounds like, all flowery and stuff.

While obviously it's encouraged to see Bruce Cockburn deliver a possibly transcendent performance, and yes, we want you to watch Rising Appalachia perform cuts off the band's excellent album, released in May, this roundup is for the artists you might not know yet—and the ones totally worth your time.

Kacy & Clayton

Friday: 7:45-8:45pm at The Open Door

Saturday: Noon-1pm at The Belfry & 7:30-8:30pm at Depot Café

This Canadian duo is vibrant, classic and dreamy. Kacy takes her voice to incredible places with a such a unique and hair-raising tone. When joined by Clayton the two seem to interweave voices in a way that's truly special. It's like folk music on LSD. The upcoming album, "Carrying On," releases Oct. 4.


Friday: 11:30pm-12:30am at Sisters Saloon

Saturday: 2-2:45pm at Melvin's Market (workshop) & 11pm-12:30am at The Belfry

Sunday: 3-4pm at Melvin's Market

I interviewed Kuinka's Miranda Zickler back in May about the group's new EP, "Landlines," a fun combination of folk, pop and rock. These guys deliver such an eclectic mix of tunes that will make for an incredibly fun live show. You're basically guaranteed to be grinning from start to finish with their positive energy and talent.

Thunderstorm Artis

Saturday: 6-7pm at Sisters Coffee Company

Music is literally in the blood of Thunderstorm Artis. - SUBMITTED
  • Submitted
  • Music is literally in the blood of Thunderstorm Artis.

If that last name looks familiar to you, you're not wrong. The son of Ron Artis and brother of Ron Artis II (who you can catch playing SFF as well) possesses a great talent just like the rest of his family. He's young but seasoned; dude seriously has a voice that comes out like butter. Artis' songwriting has depth and power behind it so you can expect an intimate performance from the singer-songwriter.

Aaron Lee Tasjan

Friday: 6:30-7:30pm at Melvin's Market

Saturday: Noon-1pm at Depot Café & 8:30-9:30pm at Sisters Saloon

One could say Aaron Lee Tasjan is sporting the "Willy Wonka" look here. - CURTIS WAYNE MILLARD
  • Curtis Wayne Millard
  • One could say Aaron Lee Tasjan is sporting the "Willy Wonka" look here.

Aaron Lee Tasjan is a definite must-see. If you're a fan of Tom Petty (which, c'mon) then Tasjan is the show for you. He falls right in line with the late legend with his tone and style. Tasjan is a breath of fresh air, delivering a combination of psych-folk tunes that are sure to leave an impression over the duration of the festival.

Sisters Folk Festival
Fri., Sep. 6-Sun,. Sep. 8
Various venues & times

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