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Tougher Than Steel: What's in a death toll? The RNC's power struggle, epic floods and more

The author is smelling smoke yet too dazed to know if it’s from a fire in Sisters or his new piece of art/glass/pipe, watching the greatest political video ever made @ http// (thanks Carrot).



The author is smelling smoke yet too dazed to know if it's from a fire in Sisters or his new piece of art/glass/pipe, watching the greatest political video ever made @ http// (thanks Carrot). Give a view and see why our country is both beautiful and in deep doo-doo. Enjoy!


A mixed bag indeed, President Obama is grading his first 18 months in office as "incomplete" by saying, "We still have a long way to go." Akin to Moses, Obama has the promised land in view, with "only" 50,000 troops at the scene of Bush/Cheney's great debacle/crime, aka Iraq, by September 1 (that's 2010 and only weeks away). Despite a lack of coverage and essential public interest, Iraq remains a tinderbox, with the Iraq government insisting that July was the deadliest month in two years with 535 people killed; meanwhile, the U.S. command "refutes that 535 people were killed in Iraq during the month of July," and is instead discounting the numbers like Wal-Mart at midnight, saying that "only" 222 Iraqis were killed in "enemy action" - equaling the ninth-lowest civilian casualty count in two years. Hmmm, who to believe? The country with a despotic dictator we invaded, or the despotic democracy that we invaded for oil?

If that doesn't confuse, take a look at our fragile economy and Obama's empathy: "I don't expect the American people to be satisfied when we're only half of the way back." Unemployment is just under 10 percent and jobless benefits add to a $10 trillion federal debt that will be nearly four times our total federal budget next year. This will be one ugly election year; Bush won't be on the ballot and Virginia has already convinced Henry Hudson (no, not the Dutch explorer but the federal judge) to allow a lawsuit to proceed challenging the constitutionality of Obama's single policy victory, health care, with Missouri and several other states ready to make the same claim that mandating individuals to buy health insurance is somehow un-American. Where these states were from 2001-2008 is anybody's guess - as our country was bankrupt and our proud status sullied.

Oh! That's Why!

Saying he is "better than any chairman in the last 10 years," Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele brushed aside rumors that he won't seek another term due to a challenge from former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman. If you've been busy seeking a job and/or camping/stoned all year and don't know, Steele is the ringleader of the most negative Republican Party since Lincoln's funeral. Calling Afghanistan Obama's "war of choice" (our country's longest war, dating back to the Republican junta of the new millennium) and unaware that he is more of a token (Steele is African-American) than a white Baptist choir member, RNC Chairman Steele brings ignorance to new heights. Here's the rule for voting this fall: The Tea Party doesn't matter and has had less impact than abstinence programs, and the Dems and the GOP are in a cahoots like Apple and Microsoft. Choose your poison and just wait for the fatal error.

Let Us Never Mention The Well Again

Static kill is like static cling, but with more than embarrassment at stake, and BP is doing "injectivity" tests to ensure that its five-million barrel mistake in the Gulf (now the biggest oil disaster in the industry's history - according to scientists, not the oil industry) will forever be sealed with mud and cement. They tried this with Godzilla after he fought that magical brontosaurus/dragon in the 70s so, like everything involving this collaborative effort between our government and its biggest "energy" supplier, we'll just have to wait and see.

More Signs of Hope

Our key ally/enemy in the Middle East, Pakistan, floated away on Monday, as the worst flooding in 80 years affected millions and killed thousands, raising worries about typhoid and other ancient diseases thought eradicated during the Dark Ages that are now reappearing on four horses, with a health minister saying, "We estimate that about 100,000 people, mostly children, have been hit by cholera and gastro diseases."

Onto other American international interests: The leaked source of WikiLeaks leaking of classified reports (totaling 92,000) has been identified as Bradley Manning, an Army intelligence analyst, who was narc'd by Adrian Lamo, a former computer hacker; both men attend MIT and are wicked smart in a very evil way (thus, working for the military) and Manning is now being held in solitary confinement in Virginia. Also revealed is the fact that both men work for WikiLeaks, yet this cowardly anti-classified sh*t website likes to keep its own business classified, saying only that, "As a matter of policy, we do not discuss any matters to do with allegations relating to the identity of sources."

Finally, Celebrity Sh*t!

Culled from the news, here's the latest on the stars that you both love and loathe (for fun, pick which one is fake): Lindsay Lohan released from jail; Alicia Keys weds producer boyfriend; Charlie Sheen to face judge; James Van Der Beek marries; Prince Albert changes his wedding date; Lady Gaga admits to using cocaine 'on occasion'; Katy Perry's parents spoke in tongues. That's right, they're all real "stories" - important stuff that our media is covering instead of real news from around the world.

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