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Transcending Anger

Opinion on anger and how it effects who we are.



Anger stems from the perception of some kind of imbalance. Much of the anger represented by a fair share of media outlets seems to focus on reactive situations of a “knee jerk” modality. Such situations exhibit the primitive side of human nature. The primitive side of human nature is only one side of the human coin. The other (not opposite) side of the human coin represents the “mind over matter” variable of humanity. A less attuned mind will allow the human body to continue with its “knee jerk” reaction. This “knee jerk” reaction will continue to occur, sometimes uncontrollably.

Anger serves to teach us why it occurs. As we discover what is mentally behind the anger, we begin to direct our response more positively. Instead of reacting, we begin to just act with more responsibility. As we act more responsibly, anger and its misperceived root become better understood. This helps us to overcome our reactive, angry, primitive nature. Inner peace becomes more clarified and it radiates outward from us to the world at large.

Most anger is rooted in personal misunderstanding and misperception. We need to address the root of our anger if we intend to stop growth of the plant it yields. The plant that grows above the root of misperception is a prickly one and most people will naturally try to avoid it. We can transform the root structure of misperception to yield a wonderfully vibrant and fragrant bloom. We can transform the root structure of misperception by feeding it honest truth. Honest truth can be honesty and truth if we examine its quantum structure. This examination of our quantum structure and psyche will explain to each of us why we are living a human experience. This is one of the most liberating experiences we can enjoy because, once experienced, we can help others seek and find such an experience in themselves.

Rodney King was able to do this before he left us. What he left us was with ourselves. He was able to “forgive his trespassers” and it should help us to do the same. We can all “get along” well enough to tolerate ourselves and others and transform our roots of anger. This serves as a true King’s gift to humanity!


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