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Trapped in Paradise

Opinion about the trapping around Central Oregon.



One beautiful golden day on the desert an old woman and her much loved old humane society rescue mutt were on their daily desert hike. Going up a low rocky outcrop, the old woman’s soft hiking shoe dropped into a narrow slit between two large rocks that bent the soft sole. No big deal. After taking off her survival pack and laying her hiking poles down, she tried to pull her shoe up and out. The shoe would not budge. No big deal thought the old woman as she unlaced the trapped shoe to slide her foot back and out. The foot would not move! The old woman looked over the isolated terrain to make sure no predators, like a screaming cougar or the crazed shooter who shot the old woman on Bessie Butte years ago, lurked nearby. The isolated spot held only the old woman’s and her dog’s tracks!

What to do? Her small pocketknife would not cut through her fat ankle immobilized in the crack! Gnawing the leg off would be impossible! Her last resort were her hiking poles. Luckily, there was some hardened stony soil under the sole—not rock. So she began prying the tip of the pole under the shoe sole and then pulling up and back. The shoe would not budge! After about 15 minutes of digging and pulling on the pole, the shoe began to move slightly. One more strong dig and pull up and back. After finally getting the pole under the shoe instep, the shoe was wrenched and twisted out of the crack. The old woman and her dog rested on a safe comfortable rock nearby after the ordeal. And what a joyful, painful trek back to their vehicle!

This event left the old woman with a new insight into the pain and suffering endured by the animals caught in the killers’ cruel traps! Trapping is a cruel sadistic practice that must be outlawed forever! So must the deadly, destructive, never-ending wars started by the worshippers of wealth. War profiteering and domination of the entire planet and its dwindling resources must be outlawed!

Do they suffer from infantile paralysis of their brains? Every invasion, bombing, torture, droning is just one more step toward the extinction of ALL life on this partially destroyed small planet. Don’t they get it?



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