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Trapping is Sadistic

Traps are being located on public land and harming innocent animals.



Bend's TV news has recently reported on dogs getting caught in leg-hold traps on public land. Because of that, it was termed a controversial "sport." Apparently as long as no pets get caught in these barbaric devices, it is considered "sporting." But what is sporting about the torture and killing of innocent and beautiful wild animals by evil machines left hidden and unattended?

Hunting and fishing are sports; trapping is commercial cruelty condoned by a society that should know better by now. Oh yeah, I forgot: the Bible says that God put all non-human animals on our planet specifically for us to use and abuse as much as we like because we are the only creatures with "souls." We mutant-mind monkeys have the "God-given right" to cause other creatures extreme suffering because "the Bible told me to." Why should anyone doubt human-induced climate change, widespread species extinction, or other ecological devastation when such deplorable behavior is justified by mainstream religious and legal dogmas?

Unfortunately, a 1970's Oregon attempt to make it illegal to torture wild animals with leg-hold traps was defeated, but hasn't Oregon's ecological conscience evolved since then? Professional sadists should not be allowed to plant these despicable devices on our public land or anywhere else.

I see little hope that modern civilization will ever reach long-term sustainability on spaceship Earth until the attitudes that permit these pioneer-era contraptions that cause pain, fear, and death are changed. And we all know the likelihood of that happening!

Vote for Rick Santorum (yeah, right). Within a generation or two I expect that our collective bad karma is going to bite us on our collective bad ass.

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