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Trending: Avocado

Bethlyn Rider, Chef and Owner, Global Fusion


With minimal menus and low-overhead, food trucks live by the maxim that less is more, and a certain versatility that can respond quickly to trends, This is certainly the case with Bethlyn Rider’s Global Fusion Food Truck, which is currently making inspired use of the humble avocado.

“I tend to go for ingredients that have an everlasting love, which is why I think the avocado is more than a trend,” says Rider. “[They] provide nearly 20 essential nutrients and act as a nutrient booster. Avocados are also an incredibly versatile ingredient when they are perfectly ripe they are rich, creamy, and stable.” She adds, “when it’s fried it’s another texture all together.”

Rider’s Global Fusion menu explores the full scope of the avocado’s flavors, with fried avocado tacos as a mouthwatering favorite.

“So long as others don’t start doing it, I hope to keep the fried avocados on the menu forever,” she shares, which is a bold statement for a food truck that is known for a rotating menu.

But, as popular as the fried avocados, her current favorite use is ginger edamame guacamole. “Now that is a current trend,” she proclaims, “exotic flavored guacamoles.”

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