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Trying to Steal Our Stash: Imposters in our garage

Our beer is not your beer.


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Imagine our surprise when opened our garage this morning, and found a neighborhood character happily helping himself to beer from our kegerator!

In nice weather, we typically leave the garage door up, but we had foolishly left the kegerator, which is normally kept close to our desks, in the garage. We didn't realize we were leaving the door open to community beer fills.

The exchange went something like this:

us: "Excuse me??!!"

local (already shwilled at 10am and talking in a voice not unlike Barney, from the Simpsons): "Ohw...I'm just filling up this here growler."

us: "Yes, we see that. That's probably not a good idea. It's our beer."

local (as he continues to fill): "Ahhh, c'mon. This is just old event-beer."

us: "Still."

He waddled away, we had a chuckle ... BUT THEN a couple hours later ANOTHER guy shows up (also wasted), sticks his head in the door and announces, "I'm just going to fill up some beer." We told him no way, then promptly moved our now much lighter kegerator back into the office where it belongs (operating a newspaper is hard work, we need it).

It turns out this may have been going on for some time. Our night, cameras situated slyly in the garage, recently caught the above character helping himself to a pint.

We're a fairly generous bunch here. But we can't just share our beer with any 'ole person who stumbles in here. We're on to you, you neighborhood beer liberators. We'll have our beer burgled no more!

image, via our hidden night cameras (not really): Rick Galvan


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