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Tuesday Tracks: The War on Drugs


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Ok...so maybe I'm late to catch on to this one, but I'm calling this Tuesday Tracks my ode to Philadelphia. The War On Drugs has been scuffling around the Philly music scene since 2005 and released their most recent album, Lost In The Dream back in March of 2014.

Regardless of timing, the album is good. Really good. The War On Drugs sounds like some strange mix of Tears for Fears, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan with a healthy dose of Kurt Vile's ambient experimentalism. Vile helped found the band with singer and guitarist Adam Granduciel back in '05, but moved on to focus on an equally kick ass solo career soon after. Lost InThe Dream is a sleeper of an album (ha! get it?) that only gets better with every listen. 
While you're here...check out one of my favorite tracks from last summer, Kurt Vile's "Walkin on a Pretty Day." 

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