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Artist-owned gallery still going strong



Alive and thriving in Bend are a number of arts collectives where artists come together to work and sell their art. While it's not uncommon to find in cities, it's a testament to the creative culture that Central Oregon has so many. Founded in 2001, Tumalo Art Company has been a collective that has housed and nurtured many artists of central Oregon, from painters to sculptors to jewelry designers.

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Now housed in the Old Mill, Tumalo Art Company—as its name suggests—first opened its doors in Tumalo. In 2004, it moved to a storefront space on Greenwood Avenue, and has been housed in its current location for over 10 years.

The gallery is run by the artists happy to speak about their own and fellow artists' work. There is a feeling of intimacy and a great love for what they're sharing. It's a great way to venture into viewing art, with local artists as your guide.

Each month, the gallery changes out its exhibition. Often they offer group shows, like the upcoming exhibit "Water." They also have solo shows featuring the work of members. With over 25 artists members, the gallery is a ripe collection of various styles and expression.

Tumalo Art Company also offers a variety of ways for you to connect to art. Last summer, on a bi-weekly basis many of the artists painted en plein air, allowing an insight into the process of creativity for passersby. They also often offer artist talks and offer an opening reception for their monthly show on First Fridays.

First Friday: Opening for "Water" – March Group Show
Fri. March 1, 4-8pm
Tumalo Art Company
Old Mill District
450 SW Powerhouse Dr., Ste. 407, Bend

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