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Tumalo Falls at Night

A great shot by Christian Heeb of Tumalo Falls.



During two of our workshops we shot night photos at Tumalo Falls and Smith Rock. Before going there I went out to Tumalo one night to do some scouting. I arrived after 7 p.m. at the falls and without moonlight, I could barely make out the silver shine of the falls and the creek.

After putting my camera on a tripod and trying to point it in the right direction, I let it expose for 11 minutes at f4. It takes the processor in the camera an additional five minutes to do the noise reduction.

After 15 minutes, the image was ready for me to look at. It’s amazing how the camera sees more than the eye. In the photo you can see the complete scene, including the shine of my headlamp on the trees. Great news for photographers. Now you can also go out and shoot in the dark.
See: http://www.ccophoto.com for more of Christian Heeb’s photos.

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