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Uber Weird: talking about funky weather



Tell me I’m mistaken about this being the funkiest winter weather I’ve ever seen in my 32 years living here in poverty with a view. First there was that freaky early snow in October followed by the Polar Express a month later, a prolonged case of the inversion blues, rain with Bend living seeming like living in Eugene, and then fog that Londoners would be proud of.
Knowing I was wrong about the funkiness of said weather I asked a longtime local what he thought of the winter so far? “The weirdest one I’ve ever experienced, “he offered, “it’s totally counter to what our winters used to be like.”
For me, “used to be like” went like this: Late November heavy dumps of snow in the mountains; December snow in town and more snow up high; January at least ten days of very cold (below zero) temps early in the month with more snow in town later in the month; February mild down here plenty of good snow dumps in the mountains; March/April always iffy vacillating between cool and fairly warm.
As to snowpack, it was always, back in the pre “gold rush” days, well over 100 inches of snow by now and heading its way quickly to 200. Now people wax ecstatic if the snowpack gets over 55 inches. That’s 55 inches as in, “totally awesome skiing conditions.” Sure.
Holy Bob Shaw, it just may be getting warmer and wetter around here just as those crazed global warming proponents have advocated. Warmer and wetter that is, with occasional dramatic (read floods, extreme cold, cyclones, whatever) weather events.
Can it be that Bend will soon have a winter climate similar to that of Palm Springs? Hey that would make the tourism folks who used to like to call Bend the “Palm Springs of the North“ look mighty prescient.
Is it possible that people will be going to Brookings and the southern Oregon coast for sun and surf in December instead of to Maui in the future?
Unlike the writer John Burroughs (Naked Lunch) who said, “I was born with a chronic anxiety about the weather, “ I’m just curious about what its plans are.
So mark me down as being more of a mind with Ben Franklin who offered: “some are weatherwise, some are otherwise.”

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