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Vote 2020: City of Bend and Deschutes County race results

Updated results from city council, county commission races right here

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Plenty of people have their eyes on the presidential race—but in Bend and Deschutes County, the candidates for City Council, the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners and Deschutes County Sheriff are running in races can have a significant and direct impact on locals' lives.

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These are the most updated results from Election Day, updated at 8pm PST, 10pm PST and when all the votes are counted.

Bend and Deschutes County Results as of 3:04 am PST Wednesday morning:

Bend City Council Pos. 1

Melanie Kebler - 60.16%
Justin Livingston - 39.50%

Bend City Council Pos. 2

Anthony Broadman - 78.85%
August Paul Johnson - 20.33%

Bend City Council Pos. 3

Megan Perkins - 52.37%
Chris Piper - 38.79%
Ron (Rondo) Boozell - 8.44%

Bend City Council Pos. 4

Rita Schenkelberg - 57.45%
Michael Hughes - 32.30%

Deschutes County Commissioner

Phil Chang - 52.28%
Phil Henderson - 47.63%

Deschutes County Sheriff

L. Shane Nelson - 55.93%
Scott Schaier - 43.67%

Stay tuned right here for Bend and Deschutes County election race results, and on our Election Day is Here! page for updates on other races, including state and national races.

Local results from the Deschutes County Clerk here


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