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Vote Anthony Broadman, Bend City Council Pos. 2

Broadman will represent Bend's blue voters with measured pragmatism


As City Councilor Bill Moseley's dramatic tenure comes to an end, we welcome the progressive idealism Anthony Broadman will bring to this seat. Where Moseley's attitude was often cavalier and self-absorbed, Broadman will represent Bend's blue voters with measured pragmatism.

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As an indigenous rights lawyer, Broadman's life's work is centered on advocating for the underserved in federal court. At 41, he has a realistic perspective on how much Bend will grow and change in his lifetime and supports the transportation bond as the first step. Broadman has already shown city leadership by spearheading the effort to expand restaurant seating downtown in order to help some beloved local businesses survive the pandemic fallout.

Unlike current city councilors, Broadman is ready to address the housing crisis with bold solutions, such as a city-supported effort to build a permanent winter warming shelter for people without homes in the Bend community.

Broadman did accept $10,000 this summer from the Central Oregon Association of Realtors, an organization that is against affordable housing mandates in new developments: We'll be keeping an eye on Broadman's votes related to inclusionary zoning in the coming years.

Broadman can be trusted as an authentic champion of equity, diversity and inclusivity: He's already introduced proposals to the current City Council to provide child care for those who want to engage in the civic process, and he supports providing stipends for city councilors and those serving on committees in order to include new voices in City affairs.

Broadman's opponent, August Johnson, has different views on how Bend will accommodate growth: He wants to expand the urban growth boundary and "protect" single-family neighborhoods.

Given that Portland State University's population forecast predicts Bend will grow by another 50,000 residents over the next 20 years, Broadman's proclivity for density and urban infill projects like the Bend Core Area presents a more realistic solution for Bend's future. Vote Anthony Broadman Bend City Council Position 2.

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