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Tis’ the season for nastiness. There is no “polite” in politics. Why does politics cancel civility? It looks like the white man is still trying to lie to the Native American Indians. Oregon reached an agreement some years back that each tribe could have a casino on their land to help with the financial stability of their communities and in return they donated/paid a sum of money to help other Oregon needs. This provided jobs on the reservation and for the local economy. AND “There was peace in the valley.”
I am opposed to any other casinos in our state. We do not need anymore sources of addiction in Oregon. In a “down” economy with high unemployment, there is a lot of thought given to “get rich” schemes. Gambling should be considered an entertainment and not a source of income. The odds are against you. What irritates me more is the financing is from outside our state and country!!! Let them build their casinos in Canada. If Wood Village wants a destination resort on/near the Columbia River, build The Grange themselves and without a casino. It can still be “family friendly.” If you believe this will be the only other outside casino, I have a bridge to sell you. Just because the Canadian financier is withdrawing their support for these measures does not take the measures off the ballot. Please, still vote NO on these measures. Let’s not go back on our word now after these years of success with tribal casinos. Do not let long past history repeat itself. I was dramatically relieved when Governor John Kitzhaber recently came out publicly against this scheme. Also a big THANKS to former Governors Ted Kulongoski, Barbara Roberts and Vic Atiyeh, for following suit.

Since jobs are the hot topic during election time, let’s bring back our exported jobs with increased quality of product. Let’s build something that will add to our communities with a more positive result, in the areas of education, transportation, transit, science, research, recreation, retirement, commerce. If we can get back on this track we can escape the boom and bust of speculation and a lot of existing problems would disappear. We deserve better than a service economy. Please vote NO on BallotMeasures 82 and 83 and give your utmost attention and thought to all other items on your ballot. Vote for success.

—Mike Lovely

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