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Walgreens wants YOU to drink cheap beer

The arrival of a 50 cent beer from Walgreens demands a closer look, or maybe even a taste?



As a formerly disgruntled Walgreens cashier (read: ex-employee, still disgruntled) I witnessed curious marketing choices made by the faceless corporation first-hand. I remember the individually wrapped pickles near the register, the countless automatons and the brief appearance of Venus fly traps.

So was I surprised to see something at Walgreens resembling beer recently with a sign boasting two 6-packs for $5?

Actually, yes. I'm one to spot beer branding from a mile away. I can spy the girl with a big hat sitting on the moon, a blue ribbon or an ubiquitous mountain range without blinking an eye. So when I saw these new cans, very cleverly designed ones with a waterwheel, I was as perplexed as I was curious. Big Flats 1901: It's the water that makes it. Was this a trick? A sick joke? Was it non-alcoholic? It looked like other cheap beers, but where did it come from? 

The cashier told me that she had some at home but hadn't tried it yet because she, "likes to chase her beer with tequila." This woman might have been onto something.

Soon I realized that I was not alone in these thoughts when Big Flats 1901 made it to the big show, the Colbert Report.

After tasting this beer, I had two thoughts; it tastes like how bowling alley ashtrays smell and why do I not hate it?

I wanted to dislike this beer, but I can't help but think it's might a sign of the times. And while times are tough, I think I'll stick to making local brews habit. 

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