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War, What is it Good For?

Please pause a moment before you chime in with Edwin Starr's well-known retort, "absolutely nothing." The fact is that war is quite good, if you



Please pause a moment before you chime in with Edwin Starr's well-known retort, "absolutely nothing." The fact is that war is quite good, if you are a war profiteer. Peace activist, and mother of a fallen soldier, Cindy Sheehan, has written a book about American myths, many of which revolve around war.

Cindy states that she had previously believed that profits were a consequence of war. After losing her son in Iraq, following much study and reflection, she came to realize that profits are the primary reason for war. Sheehan has come to the conclusion that there are two economic classes in the world: the robber class and the robbed class. For the robber class, war is fantastic, making them huge amounts of money.

Cindy Sheehan points out that belligerent American acts, like bombing innocent people (such as unnamed drones currently bombing Pakistan), or locking them up and torturing them, are by design. They are done intentionally to provoke and manufacture more enemies of the American War Empire.

Ask yourself to what class you belong. If you are not in the robber class, you are probably in with most of us, being systematically robbed, while being brainwashed by the war profiteer's propaganda machine to believe that their lucrative wars are in your own or your nation's best interests.

So let us ask again. War, what is it good for? Absolutely money.

Karl Caster, Bend

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