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Water Conservation

The best ways to conserve your water supply.



Water in our area comes from streams and aquifers. Every gallon you use means one less for fish, and one less gallon in our underground reserve for future generations. So use less! Here's how.

Fix Leaks: Slow leaks in toilets, pipes and faucets can cost a home thousands of gallons of water or more per year. Fix leaks with plumbers tape or hire a local plumber to assist with larger projects.

Use Only What You Need: Remember to turn off the water when you don't need it, for instance when brushing teeth, shaving or washing dishes. Make sure to run dishwasher or washing machine loads only when they are full.

In the Shower: Get yourself over to one of our local hardware stores and buy a low flow shower head. They'll run you around $20 to $30 and help you save water at rates of 25 to 60 percent.

Wrap Your Pipes: Cut down the time you run the tap waiting for hot water by wrapping your pipes with cheap foam cylinders that are easy to install.

Pay Attention to Toilets: Toilets are the single biggest water user in the home, somewhere around 35 percent of water usage per day. Adding bricks or filled water bottles to the tank will reduce the amount of water flushed. But, if you can afford it, buying a low-flow toilet can cut your home water consumption by around 25 percent.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency and American Water Works Association

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