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We Get What We Deserve



Kudos to the Source for pointing out Bank of America's "humanitarian" plan to increase the return of its wealthy shareholders by cutting 30,000 of its employees from the pay rolls. Another example of the bullshit Bush Bailout gone awry.

And the right wing and tea party have done such a great job of blowing smoke up everyone's ass who disagrees with them that intelligent people will actually look you straight in the eye and blame it all on Obama.

Pogo once said that we get the government we deserve, so where does that leave us? I would suggest that the abbreviation T.P. as it is known to refer to something else best describes this party.

In the meantime the rich are laughing harder all the way to the banks every day, the banks are sitting on piles of money while refusing loans to those in need, and doing all they possibly can to make the rich richer and the rest of us their repositories.

Isn't it wonderful that when news, such as companies cutting large numbers of jobs comes out, the stock market usually goes way up. But hey, at least the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about is alive and well.

Wake up now fellow Americans before you wake up to one day find a ring in your nose and a cattle prod up your butt.


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