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We're All Geese At Heart

Letter to the Editor.



I am writing to congratulate the Bend Metro Parks and Recreation District (BMPRD). Their staff does an amazing job. Those beautiful parks, the varied recreation programs, and the wonderful special events put on by this great organization I would argue are major contributions to the outstanding quality of life we all enjoy.

I would particularly like to mention the success the BMPRD has had in controlling the goose population. According to the front page article in The Bulletin last week (June 23) the population of geese is 200, the same as it was last year and the number of goslings hatched this year is actually down from last year.

This does leave me with a question: Why is the BMPRD seeking a permit to exterminate some of these geese? Their program of non-lethal population control is clearly working. I understand that the cost of cleaning goose-poop out of the parks is high. The cost of removing pinecones from the parks is high also, but I don't hear anyone clambering to kill the Ponderosas.

I'm sure the residents of Denver, Los Angeles and Philadelphia do not have to concern themselves with the cost of removing goose poop from their parks. But isn't that why so many of us have migrated from those places to here? The gorgeous old trees that drop pinecones and the beautiful geese that drop poop are all part of the setting that has drawn us in and entice us to build our nests in Bend.

I hope the BMPRD decides not to go through with their plans to execute these birds. The only crime they have committed is recognizing what a beautiful place Bend is to live.


- Barb Campbell

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