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Web Comments 11/22


In reply to: Shake It Up: New council has a mandate (News 11/15)

It would be nice if the Source were to beef up its council coverage and the Bulletin to cover it at all the way a daily paper should. What's up with that paper anyway? I am a newcomer to these parts and NEVER have I seen such a pitiful excuse of a paper!

- perplexia

Let's start by placing the blame for the legal stalemate on the water project on city staff, who advised council that the legal challenges had no merit and would be dismissed.

- hydrologist1

In reply to: Can It! C.O. brewers finally catch up with the Bend lifestyle and the canned beer revolution

I don't see how you can write that with a straight face. Beer ALWAYS tastes from the tap. If that is not available, then the BOTTLE is the only tasty alternative. Cans are for Old Milwaukee and other swills favored by drunks. Cheaper for the brewery is not good for the drinker. If I wanted Bud, I'd buy a can. Boo.

- Tasty

In reply to: New Green Bike Lanes in Bend! (Bent Blog, 11/7)

Totally Excellent! The cost of these bike friendly road markings is a drop in the dollar bucket compared to the cost of one new roundabout and will most likely reduce car/bicyclist conflict than multimillion dollar per mile new roads to nowhere. Keep up the good work ODOT!

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