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Well-Crafted Philanthropy

A toast to beers that give back in Central Oregon



Put into your mind the shaky, Irish-Catholic voice of John F. Kennedy saying something like, "And so my fellow Bendites: Ask not what beer can do for you, but what the money you spend on beer can do for the community?" 

Not every drinker in Central Oregon has knowledge about hops or IBUs or the finer points of preserving beer for colonial exploits across the Atlantic—but in honor of this year's Beer Issue, you can be a beer drinker with a conscience.

Proceeds for Barmhouse go to The Bethlehem Inn. - K.M. COLLINS
  • K.M. Collins
  • Proceeds for Barmhouse go to The Bethlehem Inn.

On that note, we've compiled a list of breweries that routinely giving back to the community.

The Ale Apothecary

Barmhouse is a barrel-matured farmhouse ale blend, created in compilation with Block 15 Brewing Company in Corvallis. Proceeds for the beer go to The Bethlehem Inn. The Ale Apothecary's last charity beer raised over $10,000 for the Boys & Girls Club. The Ale Apothecary also hosts a monthly tasting room pop up locals' night aimed at supporting local nonprofits.

Craft Kitchen and Brewery

Honey, I Razzed the Angels is a honey raspberry Pilsner, created in compilation with Central Oregon Beer Angels, which benefits Soroptimist International of Bend.

Honey Rasberry Pils at Craft Kitchen and Brewery benefits Soroptimist International of Bend. - K.M. COLLINS
  • K.M. Collins
  • Honey Rasberry Pils at Craft Kitchen and Brewery benefits Soroptimist International of Bend.

"This is a damn fine beer. Seriously. Your taste buds will wish they had taste buds," notes the release party Facebook page. 

Soroptimist International of Bend is a nonprofit international organization for business and professional women working to improve the lives of women and girls in local communities and throughout the world. Central Oregon projects include The Loft, Grandma's House, Nancy's House, Bethlehem Inn and Tech Trek (a program that helps teenage girls become more involved in their schools' STEM programs). 

Crux Fermentation Project

Crux donates $1 per hectoliter (100 liters) of all beer sold back to the community. This year, that amounted to a little over $16,000. The funds have gone to causes including the Conservation Alliance and Pacific Crest Trail Association, tied to their PCT Porter. Crux was one of many local breweries that took part in the Resilience IPA fundraiser, in which funds went to support victims of the Camp Fire in Paradise, California.

Deschutes Brewery

Tuesday is Community Pint Night at every Deschutes Brewery pub and tasting room, where $1 from every pint sold is donated to a rotating nonprofit. In addition, this year Deschutes Brewery released canned water, in an effort to address overuse of plastic (non-recyclable) water bottles on the urban Deschutes River float. Deschutes' canned water containers can be recycled or returned to the brewery for $1 off a pint.

Monkless Belgian Ales

One night a month, Monkless gives $1 from every full pour, growler and flight to a local nonprofit. 

Beneficiaries have included Pet Evacuation Team, Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization, Deschutes River Conservancy and Bend Science Station. Earlier this year, Monkless also hosted a Girl Scout Cookie Pairing to support a local Girl Scout and her troop, as well as a Deschutes Children's Foundation Annual Fundraiser/Silent Auction where they poured beer for attendees.

Shade Tree Brewing

Wild Ride Brewing Brenna A Amber Lager proceeds are donated to the ALS Therapy Development Institute. - K.M. COLLINS
  • K.M. Collins
  • Wild Ride Brewing Brenna A Amber Lager proceeds are donated to the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

Shade Tree is another brewery that brewed a small batch of Sierra Nevada's Resilience IPA recipe for the Camp Fire victims. They also brewed Man from Lamonta Pale Ale for Central Oregon Beer Week hosted at Boneyard, to benefit the Central Oregon Brewer's Guild and the Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization.

Wild Ride Brewing

Brewing Brenna A Amber Lager, since fall 2017, for which a portion of proceeds have been donated to the ALS Therapy Development Institute, amounting to $20,000 across Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. To raise funds and awareness, Wild Ride also hosts Brenna A Bingo nights. This beer was born of a partnership with Capt. Sean Dwyer from the show, "Deadliest Catch," whose father passed away from ALS.

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