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What happened to the Root Sports Channel?!?


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I was all prepared and pumped to watch the civil war basketball game earlier in the week, but when I tried to tune into Root Sports to watch the game, it wasn't on. Apparently, BendBroadband had cancelled the channel because they couldn't agree with the network on a new contract. As I checked out BendBroadband's website to find out more, there was a very mixed response about the cancellation. Some agreed with their reasoning but I was with the other group of responders. I think this is very unfortunate because as an avid sports fan who watches the Seattle Mariners, Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders and countless other programs on that channel, I will not be able to watch these from the comfort of my home. I do not want to go to the bar or find someone with a national TV provider every time one of these games is on. Their explanation on the website claimed that "anonymous viewership data suggest that very few set tops are tuned to this network at any given time." I know plenty of people who enjoy and watch this channel a lot and we're all disappointed to see it go.


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