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What in the World: Girls with Guns, Diversity Training for The Man, and the Return of Harry Potter?


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 Women in Iraq are learning self-defense—the armed and dangerous kind—as the men go off to battle ISIS. Girls as young as 14 are learning to fire AK-47s to protect their younger siblings in case of an attack. (CNN)

POLITICS: We already know that brain chemistry can influence a person's political leanings, but so can the shared life experiences of entire generations. According to researchers, the grand tally of our experiences, but especially what happens around age 18 can determine our future political outlook. Also, they made a fun, interactive graph. Note: Apparently the data is drawn only from white folks, so your mileage may vary. (NY Times)

DIVERSITY: A bunch of white dudes in the Portland mayor's office and Portland Police Bureau (including Mayor Charlie Hales and Police Chief Mike Reese) are attending diversity training run by White Men as Full Diversity Partners. Hopefully, the $56,000 three-day retreat will do more than pat them on their backs and lead to real change for marginalized folks on the receiving end of oppression from The Man. (Oregon Live)

DANGER: While we normally only avoid the kind of set-up-overnight carnival rides that travel from town to town, we may have to revise our standards following the terrifying derailment of a roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The 22 people riding the Ninja were stuck for three hours before they were brought to safety by a specialized urban search and rescue team. (Los Angeles Times)

WIZARDS: Harry Potter is back! Well, sort of. Author J.K. Rowling has released a short story featuring everyone's favorite wizard as an adult with marital problems. Written in the voice of gossip columnist Rita Skeetor, the story has some wondering if Rowling plans to return to the series she completed 7 years ago, or if its just a fun one-off. (NY Daily News)

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