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What in the World: Google Glass, Motivation, Weed, and Earthquakes



Add one more to the myriad ways in which Google Glass is a creepers dream. Cyber forensics experts at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell say that Glass wearers can steal your passwords by mapping the shadows left by your fingers as you enter them on your smart phone or tablet—from up to about 10 feet away. (CNN Money)

MOTIVATION: Not feeling that whole post-holiday return to the grind this morning? If you think focusing on the upcoming pay day, or hopes of a promotion will help motivate you, you're wrong. Researchers from Yale and Skidmore (aka smarter than you) have found that internal motivation (like actually wanting to do a good job because you care about what you do) is where it's at  but being too motivated by instrumental factors (like getting rich and famous) can actually cancel out the benefits of the warm fuzzy stuff. (NY Times)

WORK: Speaking of Google, the company's co-founder says people shouldn't have to work so much (three cheers for that guy!). Someone should share that with whoever manages the father of the little girl who wrote a note to the company, asking it to give her dad more time off. (ABC News/EOnline)

WEED: Washington State is getting ready to officially launch its recreational marijuana industry and retailers are flocking to Vancouver in the hopes they can cash in on tourists from Oregon. But some say it's unlikely, since most Oregonians getting high on the regular already have cheaper sources. (Oregonian)

QUAKE:6.9 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Chiapas, Mexico, reportedly killed 4 and injured at least 21 this morning, with rumblings felt throughout Central America from Mexico City to El Salvador. (LA Times)

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