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What in the World—Looking back at 2015's headlines



It will be hard to forget 2015. Several mass shootings took place in the US (VOX), 31 American troops and seven Afghan troops were killed in Afghanistan after their helicopter was shot down—making it the deadliest day in the 10 year conflict (NBC). The war in Syria has displaced nearly 12 million people—which is the largest number of immigrants to flee to Europe since World War II(The Washington Post), and social injustice news dominates daily headlines (The Atlantic). 

And while this year was marked with loss and tragedy, some great news also made headlines. The Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states (NPR). Nasa snapped some epic photos of the nonplanet Pluto (The New York Times). No new cases of ebola have been reported as of Dec. 20, according to the BBC. After the Charleston church shooting, 20,000 people gathered on the Ravenel bridge for the Bridge to Peace event (The Post & Courier). And finally, big news for the planet as 195 nations signed a climate deal at the Paris climate talks committing to monitor and report their carbon emissions (The New York Times). 

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