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Friday Nov. 8
Our first in an ongoing blog series, What in the World? where we link you to all the morning's most important and most ridiculous national and global news.

SUPER TYPHOON Haiyan has hit the Philippines in full force with winds up to 235 MPH and is being called the strongest storm ever.

Obama's negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program continue.


Lara Logan and "60 Minutes" admit error in their Bengazi report and say they will issue a correction. Oops.

Twitter has gone public! Jumping from $26 opening share price to $44.90 a share in it's first day of trading. Now, lets see if this ends up a big mess like Facebook.

In Oregon news...
The Ducks lost to Stanford last night and that totally sucks.

...and now in lighter news...
Thor: The Dark World is out today
to pretty darn good reviews.

...speaking of superheroes...Netflix has signed a deal with Marvel Comics for four original series and a fifth mini series that links the shows.

Here's the tralier for The Dark World featuring lots and lots of (EEEEE!! OUR FAVORITE!) Loki...PLUS...there's a crossover episode with the ABC Joss Whedon series "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" said to pick up where The Dark World leaves off. It's like Christmas for nerds!

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