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Hey world! It's Friday! Things are happening! Read on...

It's about to get slightly less terrible to live in China! The Communist Party has announced that they will ease it's one-child family size restrictions and put an end to labor camps.

In the states...the healthcare plot thickens! Obamacare continues to be a disaster as Republicans attempt to undermine the program at every turn. After public anger regarding cancelation of coverage notices, President Obama announced that he would allow companies to continue to sell existing plans to existing customers for one more year.

Closer to home...Last night, ex-con and founder of Dave's Killer Bread rammed his black Cadillac Escalade into three police cruisers from the Washington County sheriff's office. His bail is set at $290,000. Here's a recent YouTube video about his legacy.

Feeling lonely? The cuddler to the rescue! South East Portland's cuddling professional, Samantha Hess is making national headlines for her non-sexual $60 an hour snuggle service. Why didn't I think of that?

And here in Bend...Allie Brosh, super awesome local blogger, cartoonist and writer has released a book version of her blog Hyperbole and Half and was featured on NPR and New York Times this week!

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