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I do what I want! Venezuela's socialist President Nicolas Maduro, successor to Hugo Chavez, has "been granted wide-ranging special powers to rule by decree for one year...The decree will essentially allow the president to create laws without parliamentary approval," reports Aljazeera. The move was made in an effort to tackle a tanking economy.

A longer wait for legal pot The city of Vancouver, Wash. has said "it won’t issue permits for pot stores until next summer." Other cities in Washington state are expected to start slinging dope as soon as late spring.

Unlikely support At least four Republican governors have said their states will allow consumers to renew canceled health care plans. President Obama is psyched.

WTF, Putin?! Outside magazine says Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing his best to ruin to the 2014 Olympics. Despite spending a record-breaking $51 billion on prep, he's turned Sochi into a disaster zone, reporters say.

Zimmerman is still a deplorable human being After his arrest for domestic-violence two days ago, it's (again) clear he's no mild-mannered neighborhood watchmen, but a gun-crazed thug with anger problems.

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