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Good morning world!
Happy Friday...here's what's happening today.

Today marks 50 years since JFK's assassination. A sad anniversary for America.

The senate voted to reform filibuster rules to make it easier for majority parties to approve nominees. The move is supported by President Obama who has had 21 nominees filibustered or withdrawn during his presidency.

In movie news...The absolute—don't argue with me—most wonderful life lesson teaching Christmas movie of all time, It's a Wonderful Life, has a sequal in the works...AAAAAAND it sounds awful. The premiss is an angel trying to convince George Bailey's grandson that he's a terrible person by showing him how much better Bedford Falls would be if he was never born.
Even Paramount, the studio that owns the rights to the film is pissed. Please, Paramount, don't let this happen.

Speaking of entertainment...HAS EVERYONE SEEN KANYE WEST'S NEW VIDEO?!
It's pretty much the worst. Green screen motorcycle riding in the sky, fiance and baby-mama Kim Kardashian with no nipples and sweeping panoramas of wild horses. Zappo's CEO Tony Hsieh is clearly not a fan.

After that mess...here's the official Batkid (the five year old with leukemia who had San Francisco turned into his super hero playground for a day last weekend) film trailer. It will restore your faith in humanity.

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