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Good morning! It's the first of many freezing cold Friday mornings here in Central Oregon. We hope you're enjoying the snow! Here's what's happening in our neighborhood and around the world.

Sad news first...Nelson Mandela, former South African president, an icon for peaceful resistance and the major figure in the struggle against apartheid, died yesterday at age 95. Read more about his legacy here.

Pope Francis has been making headlines for his deviation from tradition. Yesterday, for assembling a panel of experts to advise him on preventing sex abuse in the clergy. Earlier this week, rumors had been circulating that the Pope has been sneaking out of the Vatican, removing his trademark white robe and dressing as a normal priest so he can walk the streets of Rome and help the homeless. He also admitted yesterday that he worked as a bouncer in a Buenos Aires Nightclub when he was a student. That's it, we're saying it...COOLEST POPE EVER.


The Labor Department has released a new report which shows unemployment is at its lowest rate in five years. Woo hoo (sort of)!

Locally, be sure you're prepared for the frigid weather coming up. Late Thursday, the National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for 5-7 inches of snow in Central Oregon.

If you're feeling especially spirited, Bend's Christmas Parade will take place in downtown tomorrow. Be sure to bundle up, because the weather is going to look something like this...

  • Brrrrr!

Also keep an eye out on Saturday evening for Bend's annual SantaCon, also known as a large group of caroling barhopping folks dressed as Santa.

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