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What in the World? Today's News!



Get it together, L.A. A 13-member citizen report released on Wednesday says the city of angles is suffering from "a crisis of leadership and direction," and cites traffic and poverty as two of the biggest issues. The council was convened by city council president, Herb Wesson.

Syria (starts) to stand down. On Tuesday, Syria, a country plagued by three years of civil war, began to the removal of its chemical weapons. The announcement came on the same day that the UN said it has stopped counting deaths in the Syrian civil war.

Icelandic brewery debuts "whale beer." Beer fans are curious, conversationalists are pissed.

Damning emails tie N.J. Gov. Chris Christie to traffic bullying. The governor's office allegedly closed lanes to create gridlock as a way to fight back against a democratic mayor of a neighboring city.

Oregon is No. 1! More movers are relocating to Oregon than to any other state, according to a new study published by CNNMoney.


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